Workshops & Resources

MCYAF is a resources for our communities through workshops, speaking engagements and online resources that  are available to everyone. Contact our centers in Covina and San Francisco to learn more about current programming.

Caring for Your Aging Parents

When aging adults need full- or part-time care, adult children must often take responsibility for their parents’ well-being. This parent-child role reversal can be challenging. Many caregivers are faced with making crucial decisions regarding medical needs, financial matters, and living arrangements for the first time.

Join the professional and compassionate mental health providers at the Masonic Center for Youth and Families for a group discussion about becoming a caregiver to your elderly parent. Get helpful resources and support for navigating this transition, including advice for maintaining positive family relationships and managing stress.

Focusing for Your Future: Practical Advice for Working Students

If you are a student veteran experiencing difficulty maintaining attention and focus at college, this useful workshop can help. Join MCYAF’s professional staff for a casual workshop focused on developing practical skills to improve your concentration, attention, and focus. This workshop offers special tips for student veterans.


ADHD and Homework: What gets in the way, and what can I do?

What is ADHD? How is ADHD impacting my child’s ability to complete homework?

Children who have ADHD may experience challenges when it comes to completing homework.

Join MCYAF for a conversation about this complex topic. Learn more about what ADHD is, how your child can be assessed, and how your child’s emotions and family life may impact homework completion. Get practical suggestions for resolving conflicts over homework and learn how to help your child succeed.

Parenting Your School Age Child: Ages 6-12

Parenting children ages 6-12, often described as “school-age,” can be challenging. As children experience amazing developments in cognitive, emotional, and social capacities, parents may not know the best way to respond to changes in their interests, behaviors, and even personalities.

Common questions include:

  • What is the best way to discipline my child now?
  • What behaviors are reasonable to expect at this age?
  • Why has completing homework become an argument?


Join MCYAF for a friendly group discussion about current parenting challenges. Learn successful parenting strategies, including how to turn heated or confusing exchanges into productive conversations with your child.