Educational Videos

Being Mindful with Zach

Learn helpful stress management techniques that can help children and teens deal with emotions like anxiety and stress.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Wellness Cooking

Covina clinician Craig Conner talks about his family tradition of cooking a tasty meal together, and teaches us how to prepare a family favorite dish!

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Grounding Exercise

Lisa Goodwin, Senior Director for MCYAF, explains how to use a relaxation skill called “grounding’ to slow down an over-active mind.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
A Poetry Reading

Dr. Ghazaleh Rafati, Assessment Psychologist at MCYAF SF, reads two poems to us that are particularly moving and relevant in today’s complicated times.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Meditation (English) 2.0

In this follow up video, Brenda Mendoza, Clinic Manager for MCYAF Covina, walks us through some simple meditation and wellness techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. See her first video here.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Meditation (Spanish) 2.0

En este video de seguimiento, Brenda Mendoza, Gerente de Clínica de MCYAF Covina, nos muestra algunas técnicas simples de meditación y bienestar para lidiar con el estrés y la ansiedad. Vea su primer video aquí.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Coping with Uncertainty

Dr. Audrey Bethke, Assessment Psychologist for MCYAF, outlines some simple tricks for coping with uncertainty.

MCYAF Wellness Series:
A Song from Here to You

A heartfelt song from David Quinteros, a Clinician at MCYAF Covina. As he says, “Music is so powerful, encouraging, and healing. I’m certain someone wrote this quote: ‘Music heals the mind, heart, and soul.’ I want to share a part of my life with everyone. And I want everyone to experience what I experience when I listen to music. So this song comes from my heart and I hope it goes to yours.”

MCYAF Wellness Series:
Circle of Influence

Lisa Goodwin introduces a concept called “Circle of Influence” as a technique to help you feel less overwhelmed and more empowered during difficult times.