Senior Services

Everyone ages, and we all face the challenges that come with getting older. As your health and your circumstances change, you, or someone you care for might need new ways to manage everyday life.

Emotional health deserves attention, just like physical health. In the same way you turn to your physician with medical questions, you can get emotional support when you’re facing difficult feelings or hard times.

Many seniors find that counseling provides new ways to understand the feelings that come when things change rather quickly. If you’re looking for helpful ways to cope with new challenges, or think that someone you love may need help, you’re not alone.

Meeting your individual needs is at the heart of our services. We know there are multiple ways to approach your questions and concerns.   Our team comes from a variety of mental health backgrounds and professions, with expertise in different fields. Together, we’ll find a path forward that addresses what’s on your mind.

We’ve been providing family counseling as part of the Masonic Homes of California for over 10 years. We are now expanding our offerings to speak directly to the needs of older adults.  Your time with your counselor will be centered on what you need to feel more connected, less burdened, and more supported.